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Understanding this country and its people

Verstehe dieses Land und seine Menschen

deutsch In diesen 14 Bilder werden umgangsformen in Deutschland erklärt.

englisch Handshake Men and women (also among themselves) greet each other or say goodbye with a handshake.

Always look the person you're talking to in the eyes.

Introduction The way people introduce themselves is the way they like to be addressed. "Herr" (Mr.) or "Frau" (Mrs.) (+ last name) is respectful, ...

... using the first name as salutation is a sign of familiarity.

Conversation If something is unclear during a conversation, you can ask at any time – this is not impolite.

Respect Women are to be respected, no matter what they wear. This also applies to German men.

Homosexuality In Germany, homosexuals are allowed to show their sexual preference in public.

Ask for help People who have a problem can ask other people (also older people) for help friendly and calmly.

No violence In Germany, conflicts must not be solved with violence.

Otherwise, people can get in jail ...

... and have disadvantages in the asylum procedure.

Solving conflicts Conflicts can be solved talking to each other or with the aid of others (older people, assistants, wardens).

No hitting Other parents' children or one's own children must not be hit. This is prohibited in Germany.

Police People who experience violence or massive injustice can file a charge.

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